Entry #4

Evil Bums

2009-02-13 21:23:49 by uber-kong

They are after me! Them and the Ninjaz (see previous post) have formed an alliance against me, and you, and you!! The Evil Bums have an evil plan to declare a nuculear war on Newgrounds, & then try to bomb the crap out of us! We could probably destroy them, but they've teamed up with the Ninjaz, who have been after me for years, and they make a perfect match, too. The Ninjaz have the brainz, the sneaky abilities & etc. & the Evil Bums have nothing to do all day, so they come up with crazy plans to take over different parts of the internet! You know the RPG games HoboWars, that's an example of a website they took over, HoboWars use to be a website to buy/sell stuff!!
So I need your help to fight back against the Ninjaz & the Evil Bums! Give me some ideas in pm or comment.


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2009-02-20 08:58:52

How about you get off newgrounds until you are old enough to have a decent conversation with people?

uber-kong responds:

How about you stop licking the screen of your computer while your watching guy-on-guy videos on YouTube.